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Citigardens is proud to announce that to date we are the only private institution in the field providing a comprehensive short course on Micro-irrigations, home gardening & similar topics to anyone who may be interested. (Please refer the Poster on this site for further specifications).

We have been conducting training workshops on Micro-irrigation systems and Protected Agriculture since the year 2006. A total of over 2,600 participants including service providers and end users have received our training through 86 training workshops to date.

Citigardens has in-house training facilities equipped with auditorium and the latest technology to provide comprehensive and interactive hands-on training workshops at our location. Our expert trainers are well knowledgeable on the subject with years of experience to their credit.

In keeping up with one of our slogans,

“From School Gardens to Home Garden, From Home Garden to Farmland”,

It is a strong belief of the Management of Citigardens that modern agriculture technology is not limited to only adults and farmers and therefore strive to break the stereo type negativity towards agriculture by creating a positive attitude among the younger generations. We believe that this knowledge should be cultivated from a very young age to bring about a green revolution.

Thus, Citigardens has also taken the initiative to provide educative awareness programmes at school level and provide gardening tools specifically for little hands. Special concession rates may also be arranged for Agri - students for in-house training at our location.

Our standard workshops include the following modules:

Subject: Micro Irrigation and Protected Agriculture Techniques


  1. Introduction to Micro Irrigation
  2. Methods of Micro Irrigation
  3. Sprinkler Irrigation Method
  4. Drip Irrigation Method
  5. Pop ups Systems
  6. Fertigation and Filtration
  7. Introduction to Protected Agriculture
  8. Protected Agriculture Techniques
  9. How to design a micro irrigation system
  10. Familiarization with Micro Irrigation Items
  11. Demonstration of Sprinkler /Drip/Pop up methods
  12. Practical session of designing an irrigation system


A certificate will be issued by Citigardens to each participant who successfully completes the training modules.

Total No of hours of training:

7 hours

Training Methods used:

Lecture/ Demonstration/ Presentations/ Group Discussions/ Case study/ Practical sessions


Senior & Technical Team members of Citigardens

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