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What is Citigardens Forum?

Citigardens Forum (also known as CGF) is our members’ community comprising our customers, employees and experts on the subject of Modern Agricultural Techniques & Green Business. We communicate with our members via SMS, e-mail, WhatsApp and Facebook. In addition to knowledge sharing, all our members are entitled to various financial and non-financial benefits.

What are the benefits?

  • Knowledge sharing on technology and good practices
  • Discount on purchase at Head Office/branches
  • Events update
  • Connecting the end-users, system promoters and subject matter experts
  • Member discounts on purchases
  • Forums and discussions
  • Many more benefits

How do I join?

* Method 1

Obtain an application from any of our branches by paying just 300/=, complete and submit to the Head Office. You may gain the benefits once you receive the cards by post.

* Method 2

Purchase any item for over Rs. 10,000 and be entitled to a free membership (The filled application should be submitted before billing to be entitled for the benefits).

* Method 3

If you have a recognized qualification in a related field to Citigardens, and would like to share your knowledge or services, you are entitled to a forum membership (conditions applied).

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